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    About 2 years ago I was approached by several customers about information that we know as "motor industry experts" but is unknown to the wider public.

    I thought that knowing what to do to pass your MOT or how to claim money back if you hit a pothole was easy information to find. Apparently not, and anayway when it comes to cars and motoring, what I have found is that there is alot of guff and untruths out there. The feeling I got was that people want to listen to people that they trust.

    So....I started writing articles about useful motoring information, amusing tales and local information. I now send this out to over 2,000 people on a monthly basis along with other motor related emails and generally get really good feedback. In fact what happens now is that my readers are now telling me what to write about.

    I hope you enjoy the articles and if there is a particular topic you want to know about then please let me know.


    It’s amazing the difference that growing a beard can make. 

    Screenshot 2017-07-13 10.27.48.png

    Last weekend I met up with a few old friends I haven’t seen in years.

    And when I walked up to them in the bar they had to do a double take before realising it was me!

    I was bracing myself for some mild ribbing, but when a couple of the others turned around I realised I wasn’t the only one who was proudly sporting a new crop of facial hair.

    The beard wasn’t the only thing that had grown.

    I hadn’t seen some of these guys in over a decade, and although we picked up where we left off if was with a more refined and wizened edge to our conversations.

    Bringing up kids, running businesses, doing all that we can to stave off the ageing process… we even talked about feelings and what was important to us in our lives - how times change!

    In short, we’d grown up.

    When I was in the back of cab on the way home I reflected on our little gathering.

    How we were all the same people as we had always been, but with a great deal more certainty about who we were.

    As the journey home continued so too did my mind wondering.  

    And eventually it came round to the this weeks first anniversary of the Thame Cars big move to Rycote Lane.

    Which was the business equivalent of growing a beard, growing up and stepping into our true potential.

    Over the past couple of decades we’ve had a good run of things, serving the motorists in and around Thame and contributing to the community.

    But the last 12 months has seen more growth and development than any previous 12 months.

    That’s not just because we’re now in bigger, shinier premises.

    We’re almost unrecognisable to the business we were 20 years ago… 10, 5 or even two years ago.

    The way we do things, and our more clearly defined sense of Identity.

    As I look back over my time with Thame Cars I’m proud of what we’ve achieved.

    But I’m even prouder of how we’ve continually evolved as a business.  Of our certainty about who we are and what we do.

    As a business, our sense of self is a pervasive part of the way we do things.

    Core Values of Care & Surety, Respect, Honesty & Integrity, Teamwork, and a ‘Can Do’ attitude.

    A Purpose for helping people and contributing to our local community.

    And now the physical environment to allow us to operate at our potential.

    If for any reason you haven’t been over to see us yet we would honestly love to see you.

    People pop in all the time and enjoy a complimentary coffee (‘better than most High Street coffees’… apparently!) and a read of the paper.

    Thame Cars is about people, relationships, care and community.

    We just so happen to also sell, service & hire cars.

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