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    Is your driving position giving you a backache?

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    About 2 years ago I was approached by several customers about information that we know as "motor industry experts" but is unknown to the wider public.

    I thought that knowing what to do to pass your MOT or how to claim money back if you hit a pothole was easy information to find. Apparently not, and anayway when it comes to cars and motoring, what I have found is that there is alot of guff and untruths out there. The feeling I got was that people want to listen to people that they trust.

    So....I started writing articles about useful motoring information, amusing tales and local information. I now send this out to over 2,000 people on a monthly basis along with other motor related emails and generally get really good feedback. In fact what happens now is that my readers are now telling me what to write about.

    I hope you enjoy the articles and if there is a particular topic you want to know about then please let me know.


    When we ask customers what’s important to them when they’re buying a new car, comfort is often highly rated.

    Of course this makes sense – who doesn’t want to feel comfortable when they drive – but what is it that makes some cars more comfortable than others?

    You might think that the big leathery arm chairs of 4x4s make the comfiest cars, but in reality it usually just comes down to seat position.

    And it might just be that yours isn’t set up for optimum comfort.

    After a recent survey we realised that this was perhaps a topic for more investigation, so we invited local health & fitness expert George Anderson to come in and show us how to set up a car seat properly.

    If you takes you a couple of minutes to adjust your back and stand upright after climbing out of your car, then you definitely want to watch this video.

    George runs through the key adjustments that will get you set up in the most comfortable position, and gives you a couple of stretches to do when you do get out after a long stint behind the wheel.

    Back ache is commonly caused by being in the wrong position for extended periods of time, so it makes sense to get yourself sitting comfortably before setting off on a journey that’s going to last longer than 30 minutes.

    Here’s the video – leave us a comment below it to let us know what you think!