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    Bake Off Fever has taken a grip on the Allen house

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    About 2 years ago I was approached by several customers about information that we know as "motor industry experts" but is unknown to the wider public.

    I thought that knowing what to do to pass your MOT or how to claim money back if you hit a pothole was easy information to find. Apparently not, and anayway when it comes to cars and motoring, what I have found is that there is alot of guff and untruths out there. The feeling I got was that people want to listen to people that they trust.

    So....I started writing articles about useful motoring information, amusing tales and local information. I now send this out to over 2,000 people on a monthly basis along with other motor related emails and generally get really good feedback. In fact what happens now is that my readers are now telling me what to write about.

    I hope you enjoy the articles and if there is a particular topic you want to know about then please let me know.


    Bacon and eggs in the morning is one of life’s simple pleasures.

    I really fancied a plate at the weekend but when I came downstairs and opened the egg box I was horrified to realise it was empty!

    I could have sworn that there were a dozen eggs in there the day before…

    Then I looked across the counter and saw row upon row of tray bakes, cupcakes and lemon drizzle cakes.


    Bake Off Fever has taken a grip on the Allen household.

    Every Wednesday night we’ve been sitting down as a family to watch the latest instalment of this high octane contest.

    And the kids have been embroiled in a baking frenzy ever since it began.

    They are of course entering an item or two in the Thame Bake Off, that culminates at the Food Festival on September 24th.

    The Festival is one of the highlights of the Thame calendar, and one that THAME Cars are proud to sponsor.

    If you have never been before I can highly recommend a visit.

    Thousands of food lovers flocking around the dozens of stalls, trying and buying some of the most wonderful artisan breads and pickles and cheeses and beers and every other kind of food you can imagine.

    The perfect place to spend a couple of hours mooching around.

    What have cars got to do with food, you might ask.

    We believe that the Food Festival is about more than just food.

    It’s also a celebration of community, friendship, independence and togetherness.

    And as a part of this fantastic community for over 2 decades, it was something that we felt very much aligned with.

    We’ve always been about more than just selling, servicing and hiring cars.

    The people we serve are at the heart of what we do and we’re fiercely proud of our reputation.

    We’ll be present on the day giving out our famous THAME Cars hessian bags, but really we’re just looking forward to being in the thick of the action.

    Enjoying the energy, the laughter, and of course, the copious amount of cake :)


    Happy driving